Seiko Quality

● Energy efficient: Energy consumption is 30%~50% less than

traditional geared traction machine.

● Small in size; compact and lightweight construction; save space in

machine room.

Full enclosed bearing, no oil pollution and maintenance- -free.

● Low operation noise, low vibration, and nigh comfort.

● Slow heating high efficiency and stability.

● This stable and reliable host is fabricated from heat- -resistant rare earth

materials and magnetic steel, and is furnished with motor overheating

protection device that ensures will never get demagnetized.

● Dual DZD brakes; rapidresponse and reliable braking; CE certification is

passed, which means the quality is guaranteed.

● Employ an integrated control system.

● Contactors and relays of leading international brands are used to

assure reliable operation.

● Rational wiring avoids interference.

● Elevator no needs to set weighing device, and make startup smooth and


● Stop directly improves the operating efficiency of elevator.

● EMC and IT equipment safety has passed CE certification.

● Service floors (where car can be parked) could be defined at will.

● Cabinet can be flexibly set up on the floor or on the wall conveniently.

● SVarious tests have been performed to assure the compliance with safety codes.

Seiko Quality
Seiko Quality

● EWVVF control is employed.

● Outstanding driving torque enables the smooth operation at different resistances.

● Compact structure and low operation noise.

● S-shaped multi-speed curve and can be separately tested and debugged .

● Adaptive torque control makes the adjustment of blocked torque available.

● Various electrical signal interfaces wider adaptability.

● Fault tolerant recording function and efficient fault analysis.

● Reliable quality and low fault rate.

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