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  • Homefriend & Fuji Elevator Co., Ltd. is a modern large-scale professional elevator manufacturing enterprise with integrating R&D, design, production sales and installation, and after-sales service. Our products cover passenger elevators, sightseeing elevators, hospital elevators, freight elevators, sundries elevators, escalator, moving walkway, etc., to provide our customers with comprehensive building solutions.
  • The manufacture is located in Foshan, Guangdong, one of the two largest elevator manufacturing bases in China. The total investment is 35 million US dollars, covering an area of nearly 200 acres, with an annual production capacity of over 10,000 units. We have a product manufacturing center, R&D training center, and a marketing service center; and has introduced AMADA multi-station CNC machine tools, CNC shearing machines, and CNC bending machines. We are known as one of the most competitive and powerful elevator manufacturers and service providers in the world.

Humanized System

With fully automatic collection selection function, driver/driverless operation can be realized. In the operation box, a "delayed door closing" button is specially added in the car operation box. The door closing delay time can be flexibly adjusted on-site as needed, and the user-friendly settings make you feel more at ease when loading and unloading goods.

Rugged Cabin

Rugged Cabin

High-strength sheet bending technology to ensure that the car is strong and durable. Specially designed anti-collision guardrails can be installed to ensure multiple protection of the car.

High precision leveling. Using high-resolution coding technology, the elevator leveling accuracy can reach 5mm.

Infrared light curtain protection system

Infrared light curtain protection system

In the full height of the car door, a high-sensing and high-sensitivity infrared optical curtain protection system is installed to ensure the safety of goods and people entering and leaving the elevator.

Anti-collision guardrail

Anti-collision guardrail

The special anti-collision guardrail design makes the car get multiple protection.

Inverter motor

Inverter motor

The variable frequency asynchronous traction machine has the characteristics of safety, high efficiency, energy saving, stable operation and good lubrication performance, which greatly meets the high requirements of users for elevator stability, energy saving and stable operation.




Seiko Quality

  • ● Energy efficient: Energy consumption is 30%~50% less than
  • traditional geared traction machine.
  • ● Small in size; compact and lightweight construction; save space in
  • machine room.
  • Full enclosed bearing, no oil pollution and maintenance- -free.
  • ● Low operation noise, low vibration, and nigh comfort.
  • ● Slow heating high efficiency and stability.
  • ● This stable and reliable host is fabricated from heat- -resistant rare earth
  • materials and magnetic steel, and is furnished with motor overheating
  • protection device that ensures will never get demagnetized.
  • ● Dual DZD brakes; rapidresponse and reliable braking; CE certification is
  • passed, which means the quality is guaranteed.
  • ● Employ an integrated control system.
  • ● Contactors and relays of leading international brands are used to
  • assure reliable operation.
  • ● Rational wiring avoids interference.
  • ● Elevator no needs to set weighing device, and make startup smooth and
  • comfortable.
  • ● Stop directly improves the operating efficiency of elevator.
  • ● EMC and IT equipment safety has passed CE certification.
  • ● Service floors (where car can be parked) could be defined at will.
  • ● Cabinet can be flexibly set up on the floor or on the wall conveniently.
  • ● SVarious tests have been performed to assure the compliance with safety codes.
  • ● EWVVF control is employed.
  • ● Outstanding driving torque enables the smooth operation at different resistances.
  • ● Compact structure and low operation noise.
  • ● S-shaped multi-speed curve and can be separately tested and debugged .
  • ● Adaptive torque control makes the adjustment of blocked torque available.
  • ● Various electrical signal interfaces wider adaptability.
  • ● Fault tolerant recording function and efficient fault analysis.
  • ● Reliable quality and low fault rate.



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