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Fit easily into building value enhancement

JFUJI machine room-less elevator series resolves the restriction to the elevator in the construction, building cost, building design style, use range.  At the same time of saving the space and cost, it provides the passengers with the more stable and peaceful travel.

It applies machine room-less structure.  It flexibly places control cabinet and traction machine into the well.  It saves the building area with concise and attractive model.  It leaves design margin for both architects and developers.  It lowers down the comprehensive construction cost.

Low energy consumption Save space

It takes low energy consumption as standard.  It fully considers the utilization rate and cost of the building space.  It applies compact layout and flexible design.  It exquisitely combines with various buildings.  It is your first-choice in modern and characteristic buildings.

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Villa Elevator
Platform type villa elevator
Traction villa elevator
Traction villa elevator
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